Goodbye Summer : Hello Autumn

It has been an amazing summer. For once there are no reasons to moan when I look back at it about the lousy weather and how it rained all the time, because it hardly rained at all.

It has been glorious – long hot summer days. The type of summers I recall from my own childhood, where my brother and I spent hours outside making dens, playing hide and seek and riding our bikes and coming in a bit sweaty and grubby but full of smiles about the adventures we had just returned from.

The boys and I have enjoyed a summer to the max and although I have not had much money to spend on them we have still had a brilliant time. Yes, we did go on a couple of days out which were further a field and cost a bit more, but for the majority of the summer we stayed and played close to home. Mostly in fact in our garden which is all we needed really because everything is on our doorstep there. We enjoyed our paddling pool during those hot and sticky heat wave weeks back in July; had lots of garden picnics; played under our shady tree and just spent a lot of time happy and carefree.

Then suddenly without realising its appearance, September arrived and with it the start of autumn. I do love autumn the colours and sounds of crunching leaves beneath my feet and the boys picking them up and throwing them. However, this September , this autumn, I did not want to happen. I did not want it to arrive. I have been dreading it. But I managed to push it to one side all summer and throw myself into having fun with Burton and Jenson and tried not to think about it. Much anyway!

That was…….. until last week.

My boy, my Burton, has to start school next Monday. (I well up just writing that). I wanted to give him a great send off by giving him a fantastic summer and I hope I have.  I had to – it was my final chance before he goes from my boy to becoming my school boy. I am not coping well. At all!

This afternoon we were visiting OH’s parents and the boys were enjoying the big puddles from all the rain we have had this weekend. Burton was cycling through them and Jenson was paddling in them barefooted. Perfect. I love them for that uninhibited play come rain or shine, dry or wet gardens! It may be autumn now,  but it is still fun and lets face it, what is more fun then splashing in puddles?


I love this photo – they boys were following some ducks which led them to this gate at the end of their grandparents’s property. I love their sense of adventure, of abandonment . Burton’s muddy puddle stained clothes and Jenson with his barefeet and wet jeans. No worries, no cares and no understanding of the changes we are about to go through as a family.

The changes I have to face because *that* is what it is about, for me at least. Maybe I am being mellow dramatic about this milestone in Burton’s life, but I honestly cannot help the way I feel or stop it.

I wish more than anything I could start the summer all over again and make the 16th September be a few months away again. I wish I could rewind a year or two ago . But I can’t. We must embark on a new adventure now. I hope Burton enjoys and thrives in his educational adventures. I am sure he will. I also think he will face it much better and be braver than his Mummy will be.

Goodbye summer I will miss you, more than you will know.
Hello Autumn. You are here then *sighs*.



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11 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer : Hello Autumn”

  • I feel rubbish now the summer has gone. It was the first summer when I HAD to work, and I feel like I didn’t make the most of it with the kids. I refuse to get depressed though. I’ve been resisting Autumn, but watching the X Factor last night I started to get the tiniest tingle of Autumn in my toes and look forward to the fires, the fireworks, the mulled wine, the popcorn, and the long damp walks followed by hot chocolate. I just wish it didn’t last so long x

  • That photo is gorgeous – it really does capture everything that is good about childhood.

    Best of luck to Burton on his first day of school (and best of luck to you too!) x

  • awww honey, i am so pleased you have had such a lovely summer, although i love the autumn this time next year i will be feeling the same x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    P.s I love that picture x

  • What a wonderful post Jenny and beautifully written. You couldn’t have asked for a better summer, those sunny days have meant so many fun times – in the garden and further afield. I’m sure Burton especially has had the best summer ever. That photo of him and Jenson is fabulous and I’m sure it’s already poignant to you. Burton will thrive at school and I’m sure it will get easier as time passes. You’re not being mellow dramatic at all, the thought of POD attending pre-school next year makes me feel queasy. Best of luck Jenny, not that you need it – you’ll all do brilliantly. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  • Ahhh you’re not being melodramatic at all. It’s a big change and it does feel like the summers gone by so quickly. I hope Burton loves school. Sending you hugs xx

  • I love the photo Jenny, it almost looks vintage and portrays nostalgia. I don’t get how you are feeling as I am not at that stage yet but I know I would be feeling exactly the same. I hope Burton gets on well at school and I am thinking of you. x

  • Out of all the school posts I have read so far this has been my favourite.
    A great summer you had and your boys sound so laid back and happy.
    I love the photograph. Looks like a miniature horse balancing on the fence post from a distance! I hope the school days get easier for you x

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