My Week That Was #34 (Project 365)

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Tickling (229/365)
Tunnel Vision (230/365)
Swinging Like A Monkey (231/365)
Toddler Trike (232/365)
Outdoor Pool (233/365)
Burton’s Camper Van (234/365)
World’s Strongest Boy! (235/365)

Sunday – a trip to the park this morning for some cycling, blackberry picking and eating and Burton rode his scooter at the skate park, and did really well for his first time! This afternoon we played at home and after tea the boys went out and played with the stones in our drive and found a feather and did some tickling on each other!

Monday – we met my friend Rita at Bideford Park which was great fun as it is such a good place with all its playground area, sandpit and grass ro run around on. After a picnic lunch, we visited The Burton Art Gallery which adjoins the park. Its the first time I have taken the boys to an art gallery and museaum. They seemed to enjoy it even though Burton was confused -” but Mummy it’s called Burton’s art gallery so where is my artwork?”!!

Tuesday – we went to Granma’s house to play with their cousins who were there for the day too. Lots of playing out doors on bikes, climbing trees and the swings. Jenson is getting very good at climbing lower branches and now loves to swing on the tyre rope swing too!

Wednesday – we went to Torrington this morning to meet with three friends from school as one of them is back from Canada and this is the 3rd year we have met up during her annual trip home to see her parents. She has a daughter 2 months younger than Burton so it is nice for each of us to see how the children have changed from a year ago. Burton enjoyed tryign out some new toys in the garden! This afternoon we played in our own garden.

Thursday – another day at Bideford Park with my friend Elaine and her daughters and it was such a hot sunny day, so we went to the outdoor pool there which was great fun! After an hour once they were dry, the children went to the sandout and playground and we enjoyed a picnic under the trees because it was too hot by this time.

Friday – we went shopping this morning and when we got home it was raining which I was not expecting (and had to bring in lots of wet washing off the washing line!). So my afternoon of playing in the garden changed to playing indoors instead and I did lot of baking as I am making cakes for the boy’s cousin’s party tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday – swimming this morning and then wheh we got home I decorated all the cupcakes I had baked yesterday. ย Then the boys and I met Rita and her two (grown up) children at Hartland Abbey for a Victorian themed fun day which was really good fun. Traditional entertainment for children included a Punch and Judy show, boat swings and a Test Your Strength meter! Burton got the 100! Afterwards I took the boys to their cousin’s birthday party where we met daddy and the rest of the family and we got home at 8pm – a busy day and infact another busy week really!

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  1. Wow! That does sound like another non-stop week!
    Love Sunday’s photo, it’s wonderful to see them occupied by what is around them.
    Adore Burton testing his strength, I love the traditional meeting the young.
    And I bet the cupcakes were gobbled up- if people have had a week like yours they’ll have been famished.

  2. Looks like another fun week!

    The question about his artwork not being at the museum made me giggle! Love the tunnel pic, and then tickling each other is just so cute!

  3. That’s so cute Burton asking about his art work. It’s a very logical question ๐Ÿ™‚ love the pic of Jenson on the swing. He looks just as adventurous as his big brother now.

  4. Wow – looks like a fantastic week. Love him tickling his brothers toes with a feather and hope he rang that bell on the machine!!

  5. What a fabulous week, I love the Victorian Fayre photo and well done to Burton. I wondered what Jenson was doing to him in the top photo!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. It’s lovely to see your 2 boys playing so well together. They are obviously good friends.
    Oh and I meant to mention last week… I like the new header!

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