Thinking Back To When Burton Turned One

On Monday Burton will celebrate his 4th birthday. Sunday we will be holding a party for his friends and on the day itself we will have family over for the cutting of the birthday cake. Not quite two parties, but two celebrations at least. So I have spent the last few weeks thinking up party food and birthday cake ideas and still not quite believing that my first born is about to turn 4 years old!!!

 I remember back to his first birthday and feeling the same way that my little precious baby boy was on the cusp of turning one year old, and thinking how fast those first 12 months passed by. I felt quite emotional back then at how fast time with my baby was passing by – see nothing changes three years on! 
It is funny to think that was the first and only birthday Burton had as an only child. I did not know it back then but I was actually in the very, very early stages of being pregnant again. We always said that when Burton turned one we would think about having another baby, but as it happened the other baby came along much quicker!!

 However, that birthday back then on that 15th July 2010,it was all about our number one boy (as in born first!) and it was a very special birthday for all of us, his parents and his grandparents who all shared his first birthday. 

 We had a little party for him in the afternoon with friends and family and Burton took it all in his stride and was not really bothered by what was happening around him – he just did his own thing and watched all that was going on with interest. He couldn’t walk and he did not say any words back then so he was always a bit of an outsider looking in when it came to social situations with other children around.

My beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed boy how I loved him so back then. Of course I love him still now and more and of course my Jenson. However, back then Burton was the love of my life and I was thankful every single day for having such a perfect and amazing little boy.  

I was sad back then that our first year together was coming to an end and that he would soon become a toddler and no longer my baby, but I was proud of the happy and healthy boy he had become and I was looking forward to the new challenges and miles stones he would over come and we would face together. 

 Who knew that when I held him at the end of this first ever birthday, that in less than a year he would become a big brother and I was able to have two amazing loves of my life.

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  1. I found my “number one” bubbas birthday really quite bittersweet. It was exciting to think how far he had come, but I couldn’t believe he wasn’t really a baby anymore. I found out I was pregnant just a couple of weeks before and it was so strange to be blowing out his birthday candles and thinking how life would change again by the time he was two.
    It was lovely to look at some pictures of little baby Burton. He was such a cutie (still is!!!) x

  2. What a gorgeous post Jenny. I have loved watching Burton grow over the last two years, I have never met him but watched his development through Country Kids and know he is turning into a delightful well rounded little boy.

  3. Such a beautiful baby who’s developed into a handsome and mischievious little boy, he really is so lovely. The photo of him in his dungarees looking up to our left looks just like Jenson, and I don’t think they normally look anything alike. Beautiful photos, can you believe he’s going to be four already? Where did our babies go?!

  4. I remember feeling so emotional with Mads at her first birthday, I can’t imagine what I am going to feel like with LL as i know she is my ‘last’ baby and therefore I am going to want to keep her a baby forever! Time goes far too fast. They are beautiful photos of Burton. x

  5. So cute! The first birthday comes around so quickly! It’s scary! It definitely doesn’t get any easier now I have a 6 year old! Hope he has a lovely day on Monday which is also our wedding anniversary! x

  6. Times does fly, doesn’t it? What lovely memories from his first birthday.

  7. Aww look how cute he is and still is. He’s not changed a bit. Lovely memories x

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