Simple and Stylish Storage Solutions For A Child’s Bedroom

Re-decorating my children’s bedroom is always a room I take delight in doing. Although I am mainly the ideas person, it is their Daddy who carries out the decorating as I am not very good at it! Seeing their faces when you present to them their new look bedroom is just so wonderful and makes all the hard work worth while. As they grow older of course,  we will want to ensure thier room suits their growing tastes as what they love now as small boys may well not be what they want their bedroom to look like in a few years time.

Here is a guest post describing some tips about managing the redecorating of a child’s bedroom to make this transition easier.

When it comes to redecorating your home, there is plenty of room for making mistakes. From investing in the wrong tools to changing your mind about a certain piece of furniture a few weeks later; from measuring mishaps to DIY disasters, ample errors are just waiting to be made – so it is worth planning carefully and making sure you know exactly what you need before embarking on a refurbishing project.

If you are changing aspects of a child’s bedroom, it is useful to complete tasks as quickly as possible so that they are sleeping in a peaceful – and newly styled – haven by the end of the day. As children grow, so do their clothes and their collection of toys, which means you might need to assemble a wardrobe as they make the journey from tot to teenager.

So what should you know before diving in?

Wardrobe doors

For rooms where space is at a premium, sliding wardrobe doors
are a good option as they will not take up extra room when the wardrobe is in use. To warm up a room and give it a welcoming vibe, opt for a wooden door or to make the most of the natural light and create the illusion of space choose a mirrored door. Remember to install sliding door tracks for smooth operation.

Turn decorating into a family activity and get the kids involved – it is their bedroom after all so it’s important they like it! Ask for their opinion and let them choose the more ‘fun’ aspects such as wardrobe door knobs.

Fitted wardrobe accessories

From shelf brackets to spacer blocks, it is essential to take fitted wardrobe accessories
into consideration when putting a wardrobe together. Make sure you know which bits and bobs your chosen model requires and then you can start thinking about the additional extras. Do you want single shelves or would drawers and a hanger rail be a better use of the space? Is there a current or future need for a trouser rack or a double shoe rack?

Save yourself extra hassle by ensuring you know which tools you’ll need in advance. Check whether they are already buried away in a tool box or whether you can beg and borrow from a neighbour before rushing out to buy new.

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