Room On The Broom DVD – A Review

We are big fans of all things Julia Donaldson in my house, and it amazes me how many different books she has written and how many words she manages to rhyme so well together! 
A couple of years ago we were enthralled by the animated tale of The Gruffalo followed by the equally charming The Gruffalo’s Child and I have to admit that it was watching these delightful short animated films which made myself and Burton fans of the books and their author, and we have been collecting her books ever since.
Room On The Broom is the newest animated tale to have been brought to the small screen by the same team behind The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child, and received its TV debut last Christmas. Based on the best selling book of the same name, Room On The Broom is a story about friendship and accepting people, or animals in the case of the story, for who they are and not for what they look like and to accept their quirks. 
The owner of the broom is a kind and big hearted witch who along with her cat run into a few problems and are assisted by a different animal each time. In return for doing their good deed, the animals that the witch and her cat meet ( a dog, a frog, and a green bird ) all want to join them on their broom and be a family. To begin with the cat is not happy that his mistress is allowing these other creatures to board their cramped broom and fly with them. However, as the narrative unfolds the cat changes his mind as he discovers the true meaning of friendship when the witch needs rescuing from a dragon! In return for their bravery and help, the kind witch magics up a brand spanking new and improved broom which accommodates all its passengers perfectly.
If you enjoy Julia Donaldson’s books you will LOVE this film, and whether you are familiar already with the Room On The Broom or not, this wonderful animated tale will delight you and your children. Its a timeless story and the film boasts an array of well known actors who voice the much loved characters (Martin Clunes, Rob Brydon and David Walliams are to name a few). 
Room On The Broom zooms onto DVD and digital download from today, Monday 18th March 2013, from Entertainment One and is priced at £9.99. It really is a captivating and well made animated film and with Easter on the way, this would make a lovely alternative for an Easter gift. 
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  1. Sounds good – I’ve got a copy of the book but I’m keeping it for Leo’s birthday so haven’t read it yet, we love all the others though

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