Why I Am NaBloPoMo – ing

This should have been posted on my blog yesterday as the 1st November was the official start to NaBloPoMo. The idea is that for every day throughout November I write a post to add to my blog.

 Now having looked back though my recent monthly blogrolls I have actually been averaging a post a day – either just under or just over. It’s not that I post everyday but somedays there may have been two and other days none. I don’t consciously aim to post everyday usually – I mean sometimes I struggle to find something to write about. Of course reviews, recipes and photographic and meme linky’s offer a way of adding extra content to my blog aswell as those I write myself.

I have started to find a confidence within my blog at last of being able to publish more posts that have been about me, my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  I have always managed to write posts about my children but found it harder to open up and find the confidence to express and reveal more about ‘me’. Therefore, recently I have opted for more ‘me’ and my family articles rather than reviews and competitions because I wanted to see if people would read and comment on my blog for the posts that came direct from me and not because they were entering a competition.

*( I would just like to add here that I am in no way dissing competitions and reviews – I have done several myself and have more lined up for this month, it’s just that I wanted to well write more about myself I guess and make my blog my own!!)* 

Happily it appears that people do enjoy what I have waffled on about – phew!

That’s why I have decide to participate in  NaBloPoMo really, because I want the challenge of writing posts on a daily basis – a chance to get the old baby brain working  and to see if I am up to it really. I would have loved to have joined in with the NaNoWriMo but that was continuous writing and at the moment that feels too big a committment to fulfill on top of my blog. Oh and not forgetting of course my real life activities like housework, childcare and cooking!!!

So I am challenging myself to continue with my regular posts like reviews, Silent Sunday, The Gallery, The Recipeshed etc.. But to make the NaBloPoMo posts extra ones to make me write everyday. Now I am not promising Booker prize worthy features everyday but I feel I should be able to write 30 different posts. Although some may be about the boys or something we have done that day, but I feel that’s allowed…….??

Therefore November is going to be a VERY productive month for Mummy Mishaps and I can only hope that you won’t get fed up with me and my blogging for the remainder of the month, but understand why I want to do this and challenge myself. If you want to comment sometimes that would be lovely and appreciated aswell, of course. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you will still pop by.

Don’t forget to support the other bloggers who are taking part who you can find out more about here


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Thank you xx

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  1. Wow, so you’re planning 30 posts on top of the linky ones?!

    I’m using the linky’s as part of my 30!  My average over the past few months has been around 18 so I need to try hard to get to 30.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. good luck with this…I did think about doing it but thought it would just be another thing to stress about….if only it was in a quieter month rather than one of the busiest of the year.
    I look forward to reading your posts though Jenny

  3. its intresting isn’t it, I sometimes think I should post more none reviewer competition style posts, but then sometimes i think well hey thats what people come to my blog looking for anyway? then I think oh heck I’ll mix up the reviews and slide in snippets of ‘about us’ bits n bobs so hopefully even if your not into reading reviews and you do stumble upon one of my posts then you might find something not just about the product in the review? it doens’t always work like that obviously, but I’m not a great writer I just go with the flow really lol

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