The Gallery – Some Things I Am Proud Of

Tara has asked us to use the theme of SOMETHING I AM PROUD OF to inspire our Gallery posts this week.

It’s a bit of a predictable cliche for me to state here that the things I am most proud of are my wonderful children. I honestly feel that they are my greatest accomplishment and of course I am immensely proud Β of them
I appreciate that EVERY parent thinks their child/children is the most precious, beautiful, clever etc….Β , but for the purpose of this post please allow me to indulge my proud Mummy – ness and show you some thing’s I am most proud of.

proud to be a mummy for the first time
proud to be a mummy a second time

proud to have a water babyΒ 

proud of the smiles I receiveΒ 
proud that the letter ‘m’ for mummy is the first one being practised πŸ™‚
proud that my boys are loving brothers
proud of my boys full stop
proud to be their mummy πŸ™‚
DAY 23


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  1. Good on you! It’s very tough work being a parent and great to stop for a moment and reflect on all our hard work growing before our eyes! Lovely photographs and you should feel very proud indeed πŸ™‚

  2. I know I’ve said this before but your Boys have the cutest little faces ever! So adorable! Lovely photo’s x

  3. You have 2 beautiful boys that ate definitely worthy of being proud of.
    I love the pictures of them together – the oldest boy looks like a very proud big brother.

  4. You definitely have 2 reasons to be proud – your boys are adorable.
    I love the pictures of the 2 of them together – it looks like the eldest is a very proud big brother.

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