The Day I Went To Blogcamp

As soon as I found that there was going to be a Blogcamp in Bristol, I knew I had to attend. Afterall, it’s not often blogger events take place down here in the west country – you know, outside of the M25 (ahem!)

As usual I arrived late! Having had to drop Burton off at my Mums on the way I arrived about half an hour into the blogcamp, just as the lovely Christine Mosler started her talk on ethical blogging. She looked just I imagined and like a stalker, I tracked her down during the coffee break and introduced myself and got a hug and a kiss!!

Upon entering blogcamp, I felt like an excited school girl who was about to meet some old school friends. I kept looking around the room trying to see who I recognised from their blogs and/or twitter photos. Straight away I bumped into mum2babyinsomniac who had taken her daughter Iyla and was trying to keep her entertained at the back of the room! I also spotted WouldLikeToBe and Julia both of whom I have met once before. I recognised Purpleella, who true to her name was wearing 7 shades of purple, who was sat at the front and I waved even though she was probably thinking “who is that waving at me?” ! During the breaks that we had for refreshments (mmmm lovely spread) I did meet some lovely ladies : MummyWalker , AdeleUk, Loveinthenest and another lady whose name I didn’t get but she very kindly chatted to me while I fed Jenson and managed to get his puree all over him, me and the floor!

Of course, I wasn’t just there to meet people *ahem* I also attended to learn some useful tips about blogging. Blogcamp treated us to some wonderful speakers although with the exception of Christine I only got to hear the following two people:

Elisabeth Winkler (@ewinkler) – gave us advice on finding the right angle for our blogs and how we can even earn money. I have to be honest, I didn’t get to hear all of the matters she discussed because I was pacing up and down with Jenson!

Phil Szomszor (@theredrocket) – spoke to us about the world of PR and social media. This was the only discussion I actually got to listen to as I managed to get Jenson to nap for half an hour! It was really interesting to hear how PR companies view the blogging world and it really ma me think about the reviews I have done and may well do going forward as a result of his comments. I really wanted to join in with the discussion but with a sleeping baby on my person I didn’t dare for fear of waking him up!

And this is where my day at blogcamp ends as I had to depart before Lee Smallwood spoke due to a very tired boy, who I felt would prevent the other attendees hearing his words on the new Craig Campbell SEO.

I had great time though and met some really wonderful ladies and wish I had met some more, but having a baby does not make for easy social interaction!! Sally and her team laid on a fantastic event and I really hope blogcamp Bristol returns again so I can attend child free next time.

My one tip – I think we should have worn name badges so we could identify each other and make introductions easier and less intrusive.

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Thank you xx

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  1. Agree about the labels. I had one on but felt a bit embarrassed to show it off. Great to see you & meet that little lad! 

  2. It was nice to meet you too. I had been looking out for you but didn’t notice you waving, sorry. Looking forward to meeting again next week.

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