1. Oh so true, I’m always tired, and my litte’in is now one, thought it’d be better now!

    My hubby doesn’t do the night times, or the morning (yes, works hard, long hours etc blah blah, don’t we all!) and then wonders why I ant to go to bed so early!

  2. Haha my OH is exactly the same! A few months ago when Iyla was waking me up countless times through the night (and he slept through it) he actually kept trying to tell me in a serious voice about how ‘tired’ he was! I mean was he expecting sympathy?! Luckily now I am getting a full nights sleep we don’t have a competition going on with it but I think men just aren’t as good at coping. I was the same at the start – I could never relax enough to sleep in the day and I didn’t sleep a wink in the hospital on that first night. Wish I had though! That first pic is amazing by the way 🙂 x

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