7 Creative Ideas To Make Your Baby Shower Special

Making a baby shower unique and special should be very easy with the numerous trends that pop up every season. But, because people love following trends, you can end up having the same exact party with another friend or a person that you know. To avoid that and to make your baby shower extra special we included some interesting ideas you’ll want to consider.

Pick A Unique Theme

Every year there are popular baby shower themes that all mums-to-be seem to follow. You can make yours more interesting by standing out. Do your research and find one that is completely different from anything you’ve heard of before. Although a friend is the one who usually throws the baby shower for the mum, you can still be involved in the process and pitch a few ideas.

Start with your biggest interests and passions. There are women who know the gender beforehand and decide to opt for themes for either boys or girls. You can escape that pattern, and really focus on the things that you like. For example, if fashion is your passion, make the event revolve around it. Ladies who are obsessed with music can pick that theme and really have a blast! Any hobby will do the job and will help you stand out among others. Your friends will definitely find additional ways to surprise you even more.

Take It Outside

The traditional thing to do for baby showers is to have them at someone’s home. That doesn’t have to be your choice. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate these wonderful moments in a big yard with all of your favourite people? Taking the shower outside will be the best idea you’ve ever had, especially if it’s summer. If the weather is warm, start looking for an outdoor venue where you’ll have so much fun.

The rules are meant to be broken, and the mum-to-be always has a say! Talk to your friend, and you can share your preferences about the settings. It can be as simple as your backyard if there is an option, but there are also so many other locations. A park or a camping spot can do the job, it’s free, plus everyone will love it.

If you still can’t find an outdoorsy place that you really like and you don’t want to have it at home, opt for a venue at some restaurant. There are hundreds of those, plus some can be very inexpensive for a few hours. When you don’t know where to start, check out these venue hire in London choices.

Take Gender Reveal To A New Level

So far you’ve probably seen hundreds of reveals where the parents-to-be pop the balloons and find out whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl. You don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else, so we have another amazing idea. Have you heard of a gender reveal bath bombs? This will be such an interesting twist of the event no one will expect.

Forget about balloons or lights, and ask your friend to get these bombs instead. Save it for last, so that the anticipation will be even bigger. All you have to do is put the bath bomb in water, and once it starts fizzing it will reveal the colour and the gender as well. Since there are friends or family members who will not be able to stay till the very end, you can include small bombs in their packages and they can do the reveal in their homes together with the whole family.

Story Book

A baby shower helps you create memories that will be remembered as one of the best parts of your life. Keep all of those moments secure by including a storybook in the event. There is no need for anyone to bring super-expensive gifts that are expendable. The book has a much greater meaning, and it is very affordable. Everyone present at the shower can write more about your friendship, how they found out you were pregnant, and literally anything they want to say to your future child. Leave empty spaces where you’ll include pictures and make it a colourful work of art.

The most amazing thing about a storybook is that you’ll be able to share it with your kids once they grow up. Can you imagine showing them pictures of the baby shower organised in their honour while also reading the amazing stories? It sure sounds like the best time ever!

Box Of Advice

As a mum-to-be, you don’t quite know what to expect. So many ladies think they are fully prepared by reading all the books available on how to be a good parent. But, there are things that will completely take you by surprise. Can you guess which is the best way to learn? Well, the experiences of others are what brings you those secret tips and tricks you will not read anywhere.

To get that knowledge out of the mums at your baby shower, you can set up a box of advice. It can be on-theme with the rest of the party, and won’t even cost a lot. But the value of the useful tips you’ll get it’s priceless. Ask all the guests to grab a piece of paper and write about their experiences and the best tricks that are getting them through parenthood. Even the gals who are not mums yet might have a trick or two up their sleeve.

A Dessert Buffet

Who doesn’t like desserts? Take your sweet tooth addiction to a whole new level by reserving a spot at the venue for a tasty table. This is the place everyone at the shower will be obsessed with, even the ones that are not huge on sweets.

A very fun idea is to think of a DIY concept for the buffet, with numerous different sweets, cookies and gummy bears, so that everyone can decorate their own muffins. You can have blue and pink toppings so that every guest can make their own prediction on the baby gender. In the end, the dessert table will turn out to be the most Instagrammable moment of the whole event. Don’t forget to make the cake a centrepiece and that it also matches with your chosen theme. You can check out this great recipe and even make the cake at home with your besties to save up.

Combine Men And Women

If you decide to have a joined party together with the guys you will not only have a unique baby shower, but it will also save you the nerves. You will have the help of your partner, together with the friend who’s hosting the shower. Plus, if you ever feel tired, the father can take over and entertain the guests. Regarding the theme, there are so many gender-neutral things that everyone will appreciate.

This is not the most common way to do things, and it’s exactly what will make the party so unique and special. There is nothing wrong about coed showers because you can easily make it work for both sides. Men love women because they are usually very innovative and do all the research. Ladies, on the other hand, can always use the help of guys for doing the physical part of the job. You might even end up setting up new couples during those few hours.

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