Foodie’s Guide to Tenerife

If you are a food lover then a vacation is always an excellent opportunity to indulge yourself and sample exciting new cuisines. There are so many fantastic places to visit all around the world if you are a lover of food, but one of the best places is Tenerife and this is somewhere that you should seriously consider for your next trip.

Sun, Sea & Food

This beautiful island is the largest of the Canary Islands and famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches and outstanding natural beauty, including the imposing Mount Teide which is the tallest peak in all of Spain. Due to its location, Tenerife boasts a lovely climate all year round which means that it is a great place for combining your love of food with your love for soaking up the sun.

Choosing an Area

Much like any holiday, planning will be key to success when visiting Tenerife. There are a number of resort areas in Tenerife which are popular with tourists and a good way to have everything that you need on your doorstep. If you are travelling with little ones then somewhere like Green Garden is a family-friendly choice with pools with barriers, stunning tropical gardens, comfy villas and much more for the whole family – you can book through places like Tots to Travel.

Local Restaurants

Once you have decided on your resort, you will then want to research restaurants in the local area. Many of the resorts will have their own food options (possibly all-inclusive), but for an authentic experience you will want to venture outside and sample some of the local cuisine as this is a big part of what makes this island so special.

Must Try Dishes

So, what are the must-try dishes of the region? The tapas here, and throughout the Canary Islands world-famous and quite unlike the tapas that you will get back at home. Due to the small portions, this gives you the chance to try all kinds of different tapas and introduce the kids to new cuisine too. In addition to tapas, other traditional dishes to try include watercress soup, goat, parrot fish, fish casserole and various other dishes focused on grilled fish and meats.

Tenerife is a wonderful place for a vacation especially if you are a food lover. It is also a large island with different areas to see so it is important that you research ahead to make a plan and so that you can visit the best restaurants to sample the tantalising local cuisine which is so famous here.


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