Top 3 Places To Visit In France With Your Family

France is a country that feels like home to many who’ve never even set foot in the country. The time has never been better thanks to relaxed French travel laws and affordable flights in the off season.

So if you have a flair for the finer things and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg in Paris, consider exploring one of the many fine French cities, each with their own culture and energy that makes France one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world.  

But one of the ‘tragedies’ of modern time is the fact that most people who visit France, only visit Paris. Aside from the melodramatics, this is an unfortunate reality because France has so much to offer to the traveler than just the City of Light.

Here are the top three places to visit in Paris with your family:

1 – Bordeaux

Considered home to one of the most important ports in all of Europe, this vibrant and historical city has a history that spans back to the 800’s as a small Roman town. Over the centuries, the city has changed hands multiple times due to warfare, famine, and politics until the 1700’s when Bordeaux found its fortune once again and a majority of the beautiful sights like it’s gorgeous boulevards, massive classical buildings, and medieval influences.

Now Bordeaux is renowned for it’s wine, cafes, museums, and a mesh of historical and modern buildings, making this city as unique as it beautiful.

2 – Nice

Like Bordeaux, Nice has a history that spans back to antiquity in the Roman times. Located on the Mediterranean sea in the Baie des Anges, or the Bay of Angels, Nice has been the vacation getaway for people ranging from Roman nobles to British royalty, the French Riviera is now home to many boutiques, beautiful promenades,  and crystal blue waters at its shores.

Nice is ideal if you desire to basque in the sun while sipping cocktails before exploring the Vieux Nice and it’s cobblestone streets and massive collection of souvenir shops and modern art collections.

3 – Lyon

Sitting at the apex of the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon has been a central hub for trade in Europe since its silk industry led the city into a golden age in the 1500’s.

Now the second largest city in all of France, this vibrant city is considered the ultimate vacation destination for foodies and gourmands from all over the world due to its hundreds of high class restaurants.

If you have a wayfaring heart, you may find yourself exploring the secretive Traboules or many of the Gallic Roman sites. If you’re a connoisseur of the arts, Lyon boosts many beautiful wall paintings and murals that bring the city to life in a beautiful way.

The Best Cities To Visit In France

With so many beautiful cities in some of the most picturesque areas in all of Europe, most of which with histories as beautiful as the cities themselves, there really are no shortage of places to visit. If you’re a dedicated Francophile but are unsure where to go once you fly into this magnificent republic, the above cities should each be prime targets for you.

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