A Complete Outline of Using the Best Wine Decanters

You may have heard of wine decanting, without becoming familiar with the term. A perfectly decanted wine is the flavored and rich-tasting dinner companion you will love. Decanting red wine is not exclusive for connoisseurs, although it might seem they use the best wine decanter available. Instead, it should be recommended for everyone who enjoys a glass of red wine.

Decanting the wine enriches its taste by exposing it to increased oxygen. Air softens the tannins and, therefore, allows fruity flavors to be more intense. Sediments don’t reach the glass thanks to proper decanting. The decanting process isn’t difficult. All you need to do is pour the wine into a proper decanter.

Purchasing the best wine decanter is a one-time investment with continuous results. You can see what products with positive reviews have to offer in this article. However, you should also make sure that you don’t forget to let the wine stay in the decanter for as long as instructions indicate. Here you can read a guide on how to choose the best wine decanter for your needs and how to later use it.

1.    Size

Most wine decanters have an approximate size of 750 ml, as per most wine bottles. You can pour an entire bottle to rest in such a decanter. You can find larger products which are also suitable for small quantities of wine. Large decanters are fit for consideration especially if you often have guests or host parties.

Best product for its size: Le Chateau has designed the best wine decanter for home events and special occasions. This 5-star product can hold up to 1,800 ml of liquid in 100% lead-free crystal. Amazon customers appreciate this decanter as it also helps them avoid drips and stains.

2.    Material

Wine decanters are usually made of glass, thanks to its neutrality against flavours which are too intense. There are also premium decanters made of crystal glass which is extremely delicate. However, some products may contain lead, which changes crystal’s molecular structure to create refraction. This substance was declared toxic by the FDA. So, if you plan to buy a sophisticated decanter with a delicate crystal design, make sure it’s lead-free.

Best product for its material: The HiCoup wine decanter is artisan made and contains lead-free delicate crystal glass. The decanter is mouth-blown and has a capacity of 800 ml. I find it impressive, especially because it makes the wine pouring activity easier. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty.

3.    Ease of Pouring and & Maintenance

You will be using your decanter more times per each bottle. So, constant and safe pouring are essential – nobody wants those red stains on a beautifully white tablecloth. Wine decanters should ensure easy pouring regardless of the quantity of liquid it contains. Also, decanters should be easy to clean with a brush you have in your home or can easily purchase for a low price.

Best product for its ease of pouring and maintenance: The Vaso-Vino wine decanter generates a swirling rotation that airs the wine. This decanter holds up to 1.2 litres of liquid. This is a designer product which was created by Italian expert Daniele Semeraro. The product is made of hand-blown lead-free crystal. Also, it comes in a gift set.

4.    Looks and shape

Most people choose wine decanters for their style and looks. Crystal decanters look impressive due to their delicate material. Premium products usually look impressive while maintaining their functionality. However, pay attention to extra cheap products which may be difficult to clean up after use. Shape also needs to ensure continuous and controlled pouring.

Best product for its looks and shape: The Dublin Triangular crystal decanter looks bohemian especially next top its topper. The product is traditional and made completely out of glass. This decanter has an accessible price, although experts don’t recommend storing wine or whisky in it. Such a product changes the atmosphere even from a simple family dinner.

5.    Visibility

There is an aspect which climbs above shape, size, and looks of the best wine decanter. Visibility is essential for decanting wine because it ensures everything you need to enjoy your favourite drink. If you cannot see how much wine you have left or the pouring process, you risk stains and drips. You need to have full visibility on the wine itself and its sediments.

Best product for its visibility: The Menu Winebreather Carafe is recommended by experts who enjoy an accessible product which looks impressive. It ensures total visibility and it’s also suitable as a gift. Th wine transfer process is easy and fun – you pour the decanter onto the top of an open bottle and flip it over. Then, you just enjoy the transfer.

What You Should Know about Decanting Wine

  • The best wine decanter works flawlessly for all types of wine. However, very young varieties will have a richer taste after a short decanting process. Decanting might be different for aged wines. Yet, most products come with instructions regarding the main types of wine.
  • White wines usually don’t require decanting as they don’t contain tannins. These are responsible for concentrated sediments that many of us avoid. Sediments have an intense and concentrated taste which might alter your wine drinking.
  • Decanting takes 15 minutes – 3 hours. However, the average time is around 40 minutes.
  • Cleaning the decanter involves more than water as sediments are sometimes water-resistant. You can use a sponge and a delicate spoon or a wine decanter cleaner.
  • Wine decanting isn’t necessary. However, the process helps you enjoy a fine wine taste and even makes the wine feel more expensive. There are alternatives to this process, but experts refrain from promoting them.

The best wine decanter must fit your needs. Think about how often you drink wine, have guests and how old the wine is. Then, consider the above aspects before making a choice. You would be surprised to notice that the right product is highly functional and looks appealing!

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