Project 365, 2017. Week 5

Project 365, 2017. Week 5

I do not know about your, but I have had enough of the rain already!!! It has rained almost every day this week, and it would be nice to have some dry and sunny weather for a change!

With half term fast approaching, this week has been busy completing the core tasks for the boys class topics, and the countdown for our trip to Sweden has begun with just over a week until we depart for, I am sure, a colder, and possibly, snowier break away. 

Here is a look back at our week:

Sunday – the boys attended a Pokemon birthday party 

Monday – Jenson’s core task had to be handed in and it needed to depict the four seasons. He (and Daddy) made 4 pictures  A3 size each and I think they are fab.

Tuesday – this weeks cake offering are these Coffee and Walnut Chocolate Brownies 

Wednesday – Burton’s core task time! He needed to pick 2 animals from each continent and showcase them and include an ark. We decided to do this in cake and biscuit form, to be different! My Mum popped over today to see us, so she helped too. Burton then made a picture too which I am adding as an extra photo (he drew South and North America a little too far apart though!)

Thursday – I had not noticed the markings on Copper’s paws before (he is nearly 8 months old now) 

Friday – pocket money time and money was spent on a Red Nose (Day) pen

Saturday – spent most of the day shopping for clothes for our trip to Sweden – hope there is snow now LOL!

14 thoughts on “Project 365, 2017. Week 5”

  • That seasons homework is amazing! Sad me is very excited for my kids to start school in many years and help with fun homework. #project 365

  • Aww Copper is growing up fast now and he always looks so content. Z would absolutely love. Pokémon party, hope your boys had fun. It’s been so drizzly here too for so long. We finally had some good sun today!

  • Ahh! You need to move up north…hehehe It has been dry up here and we have actually had some sunshine!
    Fab photos! Those brownies look and sound amazing!!

  • I do hope there’s snow now as you guys will look soooo out of place if there isn’t! heheh!
    We haven’t had much rain here, cold and icy but dry. But the weather is bonkers everywhere at the moment!
    The party sounds like fun & those brownies look delicious!
    Hope you have a good week xx
    #Project 365

  • I love Jenson’s homework project idea. The Pokemon party sounds a lot of fun. My son is Pokemon mad and even though he’s gone off Pokemon Go a little, he’s still into everything else.

  • How exciting to be going to Sweden soon! I love the look of those brownies and the ‘four seasons’ pictures are amazing!

  • If I remember rightly a puppies paws are pink until a certain age and then turn black, maybe they are just changing.
    Love the snow clothes, hope you have a great time away with lots of snow to play in.
    What a lovely novel idea for making animals in an ark, obviously takes his inspiration from his mother’s talents.

  • How exciting to be going to Sweden. Look forward to hearing about your trip.

    Those projects are great. I’m so glad we don’t have to do projects (so far). I’m not looking forward to getting N to do them.

  • Oh loving the pictures for the core task! They are fab!! The cake and biscuits are making me feel hungry. Copper is so cute!

    Have a fab trip

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