Project 365, 2017. Week 3

Project 365, 2017. Week 3

How can another week have passed by ? Crazy how this month is almost over already. The birthday party invites have been thick and fast since the return to school, with 5 parties to be attended this month alone so far! My new year goals have been going ok, with a menu planner completed, not completely stuck to but pretty good for me, my aim of walking at least 10,000 steps a day is on track and I attended an exercise class on Friday to give my fitness a boost. Go me!

So this week, looked like this in terms for photos:

Sunday – Jenson attended a build a bear party (the only boy invited!), and here he is giving his new friend Stuffy a bath before taking him home. 

Monday – walk after school and why do we have to bring home the biggest sticks?

Tuesday – so proud of Jenson who came home from school and decided he wanted to read a chapter book. He then proceeded to read the first chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Birthday, with just a little help with some of the bigger words. 

Wednesday – last minute spellings homework before school

Thursday – still reading the book, while waiting for Burton to finish swimming

Friday – a trip to Bideford park after school with friends and tea on the boat cafe. 

Saturday – two birthday parties to attend today. This was taken en route to the first one at the local bowling alley, which we walked to.

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