Chocolate & Cake First Tastes (Flashback Friday)

There are some foods that children just seem to automatically love from the outset. Chocolate seems to be the most popular, at least with my own boys and the children of my friends and family members. I remember that when Burton was a very small baby I was very much of the opinion that my child was not going to be allowed to try any chocolate until he was at least a year old. It is funny now thinking back to my ideas back when I was a new mummy – many of them did not pan out as I had either hoped or envisaged!!

Anyway, it was never my intention to deny my children chocolate, I just felt that up until Burton reached his first birthday there was no need for him to have any as he would have the rest of his life to enjoy eating it. However, obviously, he did sample some prior to him reaching 12 months old and it was at a birthday party of my friends daughter, when Burton was 7 months old! Yep he was not even clsoe to being 1 was he!? Anyway, it was a chocolate button and I can still reacall to this day the look on his face as he tried chocolate for the very first time. To begin with – and he only had a 1/4 of the button in is mouth – he looked like he wanted to spit it out and then slowly he realised that this ‘thing’ in his mouth tasted good! It was like the penny suddenly dropped and then he was licking his lips and making a smacking noise and so he was allowed to finish the rest of the button!!

Chocolate cake was not something Burton was as keen on , in fact any cake to be honest, and even at his first birthday he did not want to even try his own cake that I lovingly made for him! He did try his first piece of chocolate cake at a party of my friend’s, yes the same one who gave him his first taste of chocolate, younger daughter! He ate a few mouthfuls but he mostly just enjoyed covering himself in it and mushing it up in his hands! He is 26 months old here.


It took a long time to get Burton to enjoy eating cake and it has been a bit hit and miss but recently he will eat chocolate ones now at least, and I often place a homemade cupcake in his lunch box.

Jenson on the other hand tried cake and loved it the first time, and I think he was about the same age as Burton when he first tried a chocolate button too. He first ate some chocolate cake just before his first birthday, I think if my memory serves me right (!), and he loved it and got stuck right in!! I love this photo of him -he  looks so cheeky!

photo (2)

Jenson is not a fan of cake though, sometimes he will eat a small bit but he prefers to eat the cake batter and just eats the chocolate buttercream off the cooked cakes and leaves the sponge part!! What a waste of cake!

Sometimes I wonder if these are my boys – I mean I love cakes and make them all the time. My efforts are not always appreciated I can tell you!

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