Burton & Jenson – Siblings In March 2014

This month has seen a marked improvement in the weather and this has resulted in us getting out and about much more. This makes me very happy because I love nothing more than getting outside with the boys because they can run/cycle about to their hearts content, and within reason, they are free to do as they want. They are happier having the freedom to roam about and this makes me happier. And a happy Mummy makes for a happier everything 🙂

When looking back at my photos from the last month, to select my favourite to use in this post, I ended up being torn between two photos. After much deliberating, I have decided to use them both because they each have their own merits for making it through to the Siblings post finale!!

This first photo was from a couple of Sundays again after Burton recieved his new bike which was actually intended to be a Christmas present, after being ordered last October no less. However, it actually turned up at the start of March so this particular Sunday was the first chance we had to go out so he could take it for a spin. Burton had actually contracted chicken pox the day before, but luckily he felt fine in himself and seeing as though the sun was out and it was warm we took advantage with a bike ride.

I love this photo – my two boys, siblings, riding (well Jenson was balancing but same thing basically!) on ahead side by side, off on an adventure to the park. I also love the bridge, the views you get from it and the rust and patterns that it has all over it, and the shadows it casts.IMG_1464 (1)

This second photo just makes me smile for different reasons! Look at them both ‘sweeping’ while wearing their bicycle helmets, another example of them copying one another – one finds a broom, ther other wants a broom. One decides to ‘sweep’ (I use the word sparingly here) so the other has to join in too! They look so deep in sweeping concentration too!

IMG_1479 (2)

While copying and following in one another’s footsteps can be very sweet and lovely to witness, it has also brought its fair share of problems behaviour wise. But I will leave that for another post!!

My boys in March
My beautiful boys

dear beautiful

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  1. I love both of these photos. I’m glad you added two in the end 🙂
    We also get the “if he’s doing it I want to do it” thing. Which can either be sweet or frustrating.
    They look so cute biking off together xx

  2. What lovely photos. It is great to be able to get them outside to let off some steam isn’t it. Our daughter constantly copies her big brother at the moment too.

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