Looking back to January 2012 (Flashback Friday)

I wanted to capture a photo of both boys having found this photo the other day while I was browsing my facebook photo albums


Awwww how cute is this photo? This was taken back in January 2012 so Jenson would have been 9 1/2 months and Burton 2 1/2 years old. They were fast becoming best friends at that time as Jenson was able to interact more with his big brother being able to sit up and play with him. Burton looks so proud and happy to be allowed to sit and cuddle his little brother, and Jenson was just delighted that Burton paid him attention as he adored Burton and loved being with him.

Our TV free time during the school week is now nearing the end of its second week, and the thing which surprises me the most is that the boys have not asked to have it on! As I mentioned in my post on Monday, we never had it one that much really, usually for the final 45 minutes before bed once pajamas were on, and in the mornings if we up very early (I found it hard to have the enthusiasm to play at 6.30am!!).  We still watched some TV over the weekend but that is ok as we were out and about both days for several hours, so some screen time to sit and relax to is ok in my book!

What I have enjoyed about not having the TV on before or after school, is the playing we have done. Again, it is not that I did not or indeed do not play with me boys because I do, but I have had to play and interact with them ALL the time and not relied on the TV to entertain them so I can have a sit down too! I mean let’s face it, the reason I have the TV on is to allow me some rest bite and allow the screen to occupy and entertain them! Oh and I get to drink a reasonably hot cup of tea too!

It has also meant that the boys have enjoyed playing with each other more too, because with Burton being at school we still need to find time to fit some homework in most nights, so by extending our TV free time every night it allows Burton and Jenson some playing together time too.  The boys were happily playing with the playmobil tonight while dressed in their onesies: Jenson in his monkey suit and Burton in a Scully from Monsters Inc outfit. They were allowed to stay up a little later as they were waiting until Daddy arrived home from his time way at work. I thought they looked cute in their little outfits so I asked them to pose for me and tried to recreate that photo from 2 years ago so here they are now in January 2014. (I tried to get Burton to let me see more of his face, but he would not play ball!)



Growing up too fast for my liking!!!
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