My Week That Was #35 (Project 365)

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Higher Daddy! (236/365)
Sandy (237/365)
Farmers (238/365)
Flying Without Trousers (239/365)
Making Cakes (240/365)
Steam Fair (241/365)
Crabbing (242/365)

Sunday – a more relaxing day after our busy Saturday. We visited Granma and Grampy first thing where the boys played outside on the swings and trampoline – Burton getting Daddy to push him higher and higher! The rest of the day was spent at home playing indoors and outdoors.

(Bank Holiday) Monday – it was a glorious day so we went to Instow beach with a picnic for a few hours today and Burton went swimming in the sea with daddy, while sporting his new wetsuit. Jenson enjoyed having a paddle and making sandcastles.

Tuesday – we did some food shopping this morning and then spent the rest of the day at home. We played in the garden mostly and I took some of the HappyLand and Little People toys down for the boys to play with. I love listening to them adding voices to the little plastic people! We had a picnic in the garden for tea.

Wednesday – we went to the soft play this morning to meet with one of Burton’s little friends and her mum and all three children spent the whole 3 hours we were there running around and around, up and down everywhere! I thought it would wear them out……….ha! No chance! Still they ate all their dinner without complaining! This afternoon we played outside and Burton did some ‘flying’ on the trampoline trouserless , of course!  I took this photo on OH’s camera as I was messing about with it for a change from my usual phone camera.

Thursday – I planned to have a teddy bear’s picnic for tea tonight so in preparation for this I  made some teddy bear shaped rolls (well almost teddy bear shaped, not all of them held their shape!) this morning, and the boys made some fairy cakes, which they very much enjoyed! They made a good job of them too despite eating most of the cake batter and chocolate frosting. After lunch two of their cousins came to play and ended up staying for the picnic too, whihc they boys loved.

Friday – we sert off early this morning as I was off to Yeo Valley for a farm tour and needed to drop the boys off at my Mum’s en route. While I enjoyed a great day finding out about Yeo Valley, the boys were taken to a steam engine festival in Dorset and had a brillaint time and especially enjoyed the steam powered fairground rides.

Saturday – daddy was away today watching a rally, so it was just the boys and I all day. I took Burton for his swimming lesson and then the three of us went to Granma and Grampy’s where all their cousins were too so they all enjoyed playing out in the garden. After lunch we went to Appledore to try our hands at crabbing. We spent an hour and a half waiting patiently with out lines, bait, nets and buckets but did not catch anything . However, Burton’s older cousins did catch a couple of crabs and a fish which were returned to the sea when we left. It was good fun though even though I had to soend the whole time making sure Burton and Jenson did not fall off the harbour wall!!


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